Leaders & Staff

Leaders and Staff

Pastor Sam Paterson
Assistant Pastor

My role is best described as the Chief of Operations. I make sure ministry runs smoothly and the concerns of the people are addressed. I serve leaders through equipping and encouraging them as they lead our many ministries. I focus on discipleship, education, and leadership. My passion is disciplining men and my wife Dee is passionate about ministering one-on-one to women so together we touch families.

Pastor Chad Hinson
Associate Pastor

Winning souls for Christ is my passion, so I serve the ministries that focus on telling others about Christ and facilitating the worship experience. I also focus on the spiritual development of our youth so I spend a lot of time with our young people. My wife Ebony and I believe that our ministry is both in the home and outside the home and we never stop looking for opportunities to serve the Lord.

Minister Lester Fields
Associate Minister

We all have rough times in life. Times where we need someone to pray with us or guide us through a sickness, death, or crisis. I’m usually one of the ones who shows up for hospital visits, prays with you, and makes sure others are informed of your situation. I am passionate about telling everyone about Christ so you might see me with the Evangelism team as we take Jesus to the streets.