In a church the size of Sharon, it is impossible to know everyone, but you need to know someone. We were never made to do life alone. We all share a need to belong.

To help you grow as a person and mature as a believer, we offer groups of every description. Wondering how to get more involved? Sharon’s small groups are designed to help you do just that!
Connect with a Small Group

Want to meet other people involved in the Sharon who live near you? Sharon’s Cell Groups are all about getting connected.

At Sharon, we call our small groups “cells” that are designed to help preserve our spiritual lives as we live out the Christian life together. Cell Groups typically meet weekly in a member’s home for ninety minutes of discussing the sermon, sharing concerns, and praying together. And throughout the week, Cell Group members serve, love, encourage, and support each other in the ups and downs of life. Cell group meeting times vary according to what is convenient for the cell group members. Groups tend to form according to age and life situation. New groups are often forming. Look for more information soon about how to connect with a cell group.
Connect with a Discipleship Group

God’s Mighty Men’s Ministry meets every Thursday evening at the church in the administration building. The men come together to learn, share, and grow. Our small group discussions cover all topics relevant to men. Whatever is on your heart bring to the group and we will deal with it together as men. There’s one rule…”what is discussed in discipleship group, stays in discipleship group.” We are brothers committed to Christ and one another.